LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #28

This week's episode is different from the usual fare. The thread holding this together is: "Authors You Didn't Hear at ALA Annual 2008". Authors David Weber and Piers Anthony were interviewed this week. Interviews ranged from talking about their works to how they view libraries to the future of books. The interview with David Weber is being presented in two parts with the remaining portion to air on a future episode. Both authors raised unique points when it comes to determining authorial intent relative to exposing children to their own works that might be otherwise objectionable.

A link is presented below for the Baen Free Library. That site is one where there are complete works available for reading without digital rights management software issues. Works by David Weber and others appear in that collection.

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Piers Anthony is a major author. To have him on LISNEWS for a dedicated interview I think is a job well done. Good work!

My Piers Anthony story:
In 9th grade Algebra there was a filling cabinet in the back corner of the room. Someone left a copy of "On a Pale Horse" sitting on it for around two weeks. The picture on the cover of death sitting in a car really caught my eye. When no one claimed the book after another week I took it and started to read it. I was hooked and I really enjoyed the book. I have always enjoyed the serendipity involved in finding the books I read and end up loving.