10 Books That Were Better Off on Paper


It's happened to all of us. We read a novel that blows us away, and a few years later its title appears on posters underneath the face of Harrison Ford or Natalie Portman. But at some inevitable point in that darkened theater, the movie takes a turn we didn't expect. Our eyebrows go up, our lips turn down, and the disappointment begins. Maybe the wrong director or writer can curse an otherwise excellent project — or maybe some things were just never meant to be filmed. Here are 10 books that io9.com thinks should never have been committed to celluloid.


Most of the titles listed are just bad movies, regardless of the quality of the work they were based upon. I do take exception with Starship Troopers, though. You'd have to be thick as a brick not to see that the film relentlessly mocks the fascistic undertones of the novel (and is all the better, and funnier, for it). And what does it matter that "director Paul Verhoeven admitted he never got past the first few chapters of the novel ?" He didn't write the script, the great Ed Neumeier did.

I would like to add Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man (1969) as another book that should never have been put to film. I found the movie hard to follow and boring. The book was fantastic, even if it was chilling and creepy. I've read it several times, but have never survived the movie.