Thoughts from behind the microphone

So where do I start? My boss at my day job went AWOL today. What was supposed to be a three hour short shift turned into quite a bit more. When the boss finally reappeared it was noted that the boss would have to go in for open heart surgery on top of the diabetes complications already.

Why was there no episode previously? I have been watching my boss decay physically. It has been impacting work and there has been nothing I could do to fix things. My team has been getting physically ill from things. I know it has been taking a toll on me physically. My co-workers are also at the point that we are going to have to force things to be brought to resolution.

Last week, we really had no news to talk about. While dealing with the on-going emergency at work, I kinda could not get home to record anything. On Sunday I got home late enough that we would not have been able to start recording until the very early hours of Monday morning. Rather than produce something with me sounding whiny yet exhausted, we went with speech synthesis. Such saved equipment set up while also allowing us to be sensitive to users who download right in iTunes or another podcatcher instead of going to the web page. That it was downloaded faster than a normal podcast had us initially disturbed but then quite amused.

I've got one interview recorded for release at the usual time. While I was hoping to have a correspondent from ALA Annual, the person I had lined up had to pull out for good cause shown. I'm not quite sure yet what we may have to air in the next episode. Then again, I sometimes do not know until the end of the week what I will be recording over the weekend. Often that can be due to how long it takes to arrange an interview through PR people when I have to go that route.

I do find that any charges of sounding amateurish are not born out if PR people talk to me. PR folks would certainly not let me near their clients if they thought I was not doing something serious. For reaching a niche market, I have surprising ease talking to PR folks in trying to gain access.

Where are things going? If I knew that I would have an easy time raking in dollars at Sunset Station. I just don't know. Right now presidential politics remains off-limits until nominating conventions take place. Considering that I am one of the three people trying to ensure the boss doesn't crack skull upon concrete at work, I kinda cannot get away at the moment to attend ALA. Folks didn't like when we tried to talk about a topic that would be on the minds of information seeking patrons when it was the strange topic of digital television.

This has week has been a rollercoaster. Hopefully there is no adverse impact on the podcast.

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