The Librarian is Dead...Long Live the Librarian

<a href="">The Librarian is Dead...Long Live the Librarian</a> "What libraries need to do now is make it easier for librarians to share their work on the wider web and not just hide them behind a library login. Instead of publishing bookmarks with “cool reading lists for this month” or putting big signs on their shelves indicating good reads, libraries should instead feature librarian online resource lists as their primary offering."


man, I expected something different when I clicked on that article-- didn't get it. I guess if I'd read that in 2005, the article might have elicited a measure of surprise or even agreement. but that Brenda seems to have the same grip on life that the porn guy has to the computer mouse while he clicking on his videos. we see a continual flow of computer illiterate sadsacks filter through our doors of all ages, so I don't see the physical hand-holding Brendy kicking the bucket any time soon. so tell that "another dead librarian" to get up off the floor because there dog shit and boogers on that carpet and other stuff he doesn't want to think about: another dead librarian? hell, another librarian with pinkeye!