And now a word...

The audio file contains a special message relative to the podcast this week.

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If the "robot voice" sounded bad, then perhaps some explanation is required.

The synthesizer package used was that built into MacOS X. The "voice" used was Trinoids. The only other "voice" we have used is Zarvox.

Why was it done? After careful consideration we felt it best to put up something as we could not produce an episode. There were circumstances well beyond my control let alone the control of the rest of the production team. While I had contingency plans, they frankly were not effective this time.

What would have been preferred? Notice that something is not available this week that will inform all but potentially perhaps annoy some? Or say nothing and perhaps annoy all? With what training I do have in serials, I felt it best to say something rather than nothing.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen