Daniel at ALA

Tho I'm having to do it on my own air miles and funding, I will be at ALA next week from Thursday through Monday. I'm staying with a friend who lives about an hour and a half, so no breakfast get togethers! But if you're a Newzter who's also going to ALA, let me know and maybe we can connect. The worst that'll happen is that I'll drag you along to some govdocs events or the gaming pavilion.

In a way going to ALA NOT sponsored by my work is liberating. First, it allowed me to advertise Free Government Information by putting it on my badge instead of my library. Second, I only need go to sessions that actually interest me instead of things that I "Ought to go to" because they fit with my job description or because another section really needs a summary of a session I'm just not into. I'm basically scheduling half-days at ALA

Finally, it gives me the freedom to visit the gaming pavilion, something I just couldn't justify if I was at ALA as an official representative of my special library employer.

Take care and hope to see a few of you next week!

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If you're able to drive and have a few hours to spare traveling you could stop in at the Gold Rush...
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