The future of e-paper: The Kindle is only the beginning

Over at Computer World David Dejean Says Inc.'s Kindle has turned a long underperforming category of tech gadget -- e-book readers -- into an overnight hit, and in the process has boosted interest in electronic paper display (EPD) technology. The Kindle and its rival, the Sony Reader 505, both boast e-paper displays that look unnervingly like printed pages and consume next to no power. However, today's EPDs -- and today's e-book readers -- are only the beginning.


they used an e-paper, which was completely flat and flexible to view their TOP SECRET documents. This is TV, but how thin is an lcd or dlp display? can it be supported within a thin, durable, flexible membrane? can it be powered by a flat/printed solar power supply or solar/battery combo? is 2 cm thickness possible with current technology? what about wifi? touchscreen? 4-16G memory? All things seem possible now, so the (near) future of ebook readers will only be limited by cost.