In The Basement of the Ivory Tower

In this Atlantic Monthly (June 2008) article an adjunct english faculty member shares his frustrations in trying to educate students at the "institutions of last resort" where he teaches those who never prepared properly for college education. He speaks of sheparding his students through "the dreaded research paper", and the hopelessness of students who just don't get electronic research. He writes: When I give out this assignment, I usually bring the class to the college library for a lesson on Internet-based research. I ask them about their computer skills, and some say they have none, fessing up to being computer illiterate and saying, timorously, how hopeless they are at that sort of thing. It often turns out, though, that many of them have at least sent and received e-mail and Googled their neighbors, and it doesn’t take me long to demonstrate how to search for journal articles in such databases as Academic Search Premier and JSTOR. Read more at:
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