Future of cataloging debate - any thoughts?


From the "Cataloging Futures" blog.

So after 3-4 years of talking about the future of cataloging--Where are we? That's the question I'm asking myself before next week's Palinet symposium on the future of cataloging.

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I followed the link at the "Cataloging Futures" blog to the Palinet symposium and there was this blurb about Karen Calhoun, who is the keynote speaker.

Karen Calhoun joined OCLC in May 2007 as Vice President, WorldCat & Metadata Services, to chart the future of OCLC's cataloging services and extend WorldCat’s global reach. From 1996 to April 2007, Ms. Calhoun served in leadership positions at Cornell University Library, where she penned the infamous "Calhoun report" on the future of the catalog.

Here is a link to the Calhoun report.


"Everything Is Miscellaneous" That's the future of cataloging.

With the way Western culture is going, that is rather true.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen

The choice of "infamous" is about right.

My five words are borrowed from Charleton Heston
"from my cold dead hands", re: quality cataloging using AACR2r2, MARC21, LCSH, LC #, DDC22, etc.

>Everything Is Miscellaneous" That's the future of cataloging.

You could not be more wrong and David Weinberger is a charlatan.

Time will tell, and if I was a betting man I'd bet big I'm right. Your acronyms are no match for cloud computing.

If I can ever pull off this one interview, the next episode of LISTen will have a unique look at a dark side to cloud computing. Cloud computing does have promise. It has some dangers to it too, though.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen

Talk by Clay Shirky at O'Reilly Media Emerging Technology Conference 2005 titled Ontology is Overrated. In the talk he has some slides he is referring to. Shirky made a condensed transcript of his talk here and the visuals he mentions in the talk linked above are shown.