A cemetery is like a library full of stories


Robert Kirby Says "For me, a cemetery is a library. You can't escape the tragedy of cemeteries, though, or the stories. To the indifferent eye, cemeteries are a collection of stone blocks. I see books with dust jacket inscriptions."


This guy might enjoy Spoon River Anthology Edgar Lee Masters. Here's an excerpt:

Seth Compton

WHEN I died, the circulating library
Which I built up for Spoon River,
And managed for the good of inquiring minds,
Was sold at auction on the public square,
As if to destroy the last vestige
Of my memory and influence.


Likewise "Our Town" by Thorten Wilder. An excellent view of the living by the compassionate dead in the town's cemetery.
What would you do if, after death, you had the chance to re-live one whole day, the best day of your life? "Don't do it," they said.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

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