Librarian career choice made fun of in the Onion

<a href=" ">Report: Women Increasingly Choosing Dead-End Careers Over Dead-End Relationships</a>: "In addition to an overall increase in those settling for absolutely futureless secretarial or librarian positions, the study showed that more women are now choosing dead-end occupations conventionally dominated by men, such as accounting and data entry."


Bigger dead end? Comedy writer for a web site.

I have a dead end job. The salary is enough to pay the bills. It keeps me busy and off the streets so I don't end up dealing cocaine or smack, but not so busy that I don't have any time at the console to kick back and study whatever topic has most recently come to mind or do a few crosswords or sudoku. I'm not looking for advancement; supervision is not my strong suit, and even lower level management is too much like work.

In short, I have a job that allows me to pay the bills and eat and sleep in comfort while not infringing too much on my time to pursue my interests.

I'm not Donald Trump, or a Trump-type personality. I don't care if some people out there don't like that. It's not their life, and despite what those doltish dumbasses seem to believe, there is no requirement for me to conform to their stupid ideas about what constitutes a "model citizen" or well-rounded human being.

There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.