LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #22

This week's episode brings another installment of Tech for Techies as well as a commentary and a word from the audio engineer. The episode ran short as we had to handle the loss of a previously planned interview. An administrative trivia note at the end of the episode noted that next week's episode will post at the usual time in the usual way notwithstanding there being a holiday in the United States.

If your library has something happening that you think the rest of the profession should know about, why not contact the LISTen team? The e-mail address for that is [email protected]. You can also call the team using the telephone numbers below:

+1 702 425 8547 (United States of America)
+61 03 9018 6749 (Australia)
+64 03 669 0425 (New Zealand)
+44 02895 81 2554 (United Kingdom)

The production team encourages calls from outside the United States from library folk who have perspectives, experiences, and news to share so that others do not "re-invent the wheel". We are able to cope with time zone differences to talk to folks just as much in Cleveland as in Australasia or the British Isles. All you have to do is ask and we then can see what we can do. The team is especially interested in hearing about how professional practice takes place in Commonwealth of Nations realms.

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