Right wing nut hysteria exposed

Watch this video at YouTube and try telling me that people who the believe American right wing, propagandist smear machine are not willing dupes and useful idiots.

Radio Host Kevin James Walks into a Smackdown

This babble-mouth dumbass spewing his verbal diarrhea is a prime example of the covert fanaticism that is the driving force behind the stupidly arrogant imperialism of the American right and its political tool, the Republican Party.

And that headline is imprecise, by the way. James didn't walk into any smackdown at all, he called it down upon himself of his own free will and volition. In fact he went out of his way to expose himself as the ignoramus and lying trash-bag that he is.

See a commentary on the whole ugly episode at this web journal.

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I am sure by your definition I am a rethuglican but I had never even heard of that radio guy before. Of course, finding left wingers that could not have answered the same question would be a piece of cake.

He Fang, we get that you don't like Republicans or the right wing so why don't you give it a rest for a while? No right winger on LISNEWS is going to switch a viewpoint because of your rantings. Also, aren't you from Canada? Why don't you worry about your own politics?

Take some time off and work on your website. It is very 1996 and could really use an update.