Poet Bill Knott Does Some Weeding

Maybe you don't know <a href="http://billknott.typepad.com/billknott/">Bill Knott.</a> Hell, maybe you don't know more than five living poets, and <i>you</I> work in a library. But you should pop over to Knott's blog, where he publishes his poetry, and rants against his former publisher, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, and Pulitzer prizewinners alike. Now he turns his attention to librarians, or rather the stereotype of librarians. Is he serious? <a href="http://billknott.typepad.com/billknott/2008/05/philip-larkins.html">You decide.</a> <blockquote>You can question them about their discard policies, but don't delude yourself they'll tell you the truth: remember they're public employees, they're like members of your legislature, malfeasants who hide their evil behind walls of bureaucratise and lies.</blockquote>


Nothing like it. Makes for such a resonable argument, Mr. Knott.

One too many of his poetry books was weeded to make room for
Philip Larkin's. :-)

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

Is he serious?

After "eyes light up with drool," I found it impossible to come up with a coherent sense of what Knott was or wasn't trying to say.

Librarians are, indeed, the worst enemies of truly awful writers, by putting their work nearby the work of better writers, so maybe he does have a point.

Sigh. After my eyes lit up with drool, they glazed over. That's what happens.

As seems to be the consensus of opinion, his poetry is so bad that he has to try to goad so that people will read it. I for one don't need his opinion serious or otherwise. I feel he does us no service or dis-service with this piece of writing. One suspects that he publishes online due to lack of an audience.