One Hundred Must-Read Books for Men


OK, you're a guy, and you like books...but what are the hundred books that guys who like books must read?

This website, the Art of Manliness provides what they think is the, do you agree? Is there a male consensus on what is a must-read book?


I just read this the other day at work and was kind of surprised even though I am just a girl. There are some great books (Catch 22 and em!) but what is with all of the books on Theodore Roosevelt? Is he really that exciting to the modern man??

Real Men read whatever they want to and don't give a fat crap about some list or what other people think.

As a man, I don't pay attention to any "must read" list with Atlas Shrugged on it.

Most of those are books are kind of for a younger audience. Not necessarily what I'd call adult reading. Ayn Rand was a hack and that's about all - that's kind - that can be said about her. What's with all the Kurt Vonnegut love? And Dostoievski - great writer, but they really beat a dead horse with him.

What I got from the list is that, men should cultivate aggressiveness, ruthlessness, zero-sum competition, fatalism, possessiveness, and respond only to authors with canon-guaranteed authoritarian gravitas, or, those whimsical authors whom have been granted loyal opposition status by the culture makers. Safe writers like Kerouac, who, after all that rebellion ended his life wrapped in the flag, addicted to television, mooching off his aunt, and repudiating his former companions.

It's like 100 must read books for WASPs - with Malcolm X tossed in to prove it's not racist.

Guess what: I think *you* are weird for thinking a book list with "Brave New World" embodies all the nasty traits that you seem to believe males suffer from. I hoped that the ideologues would judge the list on its literary merits, [sarcasm on]but the PC crowd is compelled to rise up to smash down any hint of fascist sensibility.[sarcasm off]

They might have it mixed up with the "Asshole Must-Read List."

Fits right in.

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