LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #21

This week's episode has a bit of a Rod Serling inspired feel to it. As the podcast is not a video one, we can control neither the horizontal nor the vertical. We can present a different look at things, though. The podcast opens with a zeitgeist check by the podcast audio production engineer. An interview with Blake Carver follows with the fifth installment of Tech for Techies soon thereafter. The podcast audio production engineer wrapped up the episode. As to the nature of any potential Ghoulardi-inspired podcast, the production team has no known plans. To contact Stephen via Skype, the button below may be useful: Skype Me™! To contact the production audio engineer, the Skype button below might be helpful: Skype Me™! Related links: When to Say When Your Big Wig
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Love the part of the discussion about flaming nukes.

Here is a device at ThinkGeek that fits with that idea: