Library Store Enters Third Year, With Thin Books and Fat Ones Too

<a href="">Columbus GA library store</a>, always there for all kinds of shoppers. "Interior designers choose the books because of the way they look," explained volunteer Alice Budge. "They get them to fill shelves in homes and businesses." The store has raised more than $80,000 for library programs and services for children and adults. Some of those services are volunteer recruitment and training as well as sponsoring visits by authors. The store, run by volunteers, was made possible by a gift to the Muscogee County Library Foundation by Budge and her husband, former Ledger-Enquirer publisher John Greenman. She recalled one student came in looking for a particular book. "He wanted something thin," she said, laughing. Why a store in a place where books are free? "Some people just love to own a book. Children especially love to have a few of their own," Budge said. "At these prices they have a few."