RFID Testbed Can Read Hundreds of Tags Simultaneously

As many libraries make the transition to RFID tags, the implications of processing high volumes of materials become larger. The greatest thing about RFID tags is that, with proper technology, you can read multiple tags at the same time. Barcodes still require a one at a time read.

Now a new technology allows not only the simultaneous reading of hundreds of RFID tags, but also the simultaneous reading of different types of RFID antennae with the ability to assess and acquire information on new tags previously unknown to the reader.

Hundreds of items at a time? Sign this circ jerk up!


re: new tags previously unknown to the reader

we've been finding RFID tags hidden inside controversial books, religious texts, left-wing manuals, pro-labor histories, "Don't Call Me Groucho" the autobiography of Karl Marx, Michael Moore's favorite cheesecake and chili recipes, etc.

we think they were inserted by the FBI or Homeland Security or this guy named Mel Woodchuck. But with this new technology, I guessing that other libraries will start finding tags in their books that were placed there by someone else.... yes, I'm kidding.... about the first part, not that the FBI is placing tags in books and tracking use: we all know that's true.