Google bashing from a cranky Medical Librarian

Over on <A href=""> is this post</A> where a medical librarian takes issue with the NBC show "Scrubs" and it's portrayal of doctors using Google.


Yeah, well, Scrubs is only partly medical drama; It's mainly comedy and social commentary. It's NOT a regular sit-com, though (see the Episode featuring "JD's Sitcom Fantasy" to note the contrast), and indeed it at times approaches MASH-level quality drama and insight into the human condition, which is its whole purpose, I think, and why it is such a long running, well-liked series.

For what it's worth, the Medical Librarian's rant was definitely on par with the fictional Dr. Perry Cox's on-screen rants...maybe they should write in a Medical Librarian character to deliver such a rant, to potentially great comedic effect. Scriptwriter! Get me a re-write ASAP!!!

As a person with a chronic illness, and a librarian, who has admittedly never watched Scrubs...

I so wish my doctors used Google. I can honestly, truly say that. No, wait, hear me out. I want them getting treatment suggestions, and the "hard science" information from sources that have studies and research supporting them, no question. And the best place to get that stuff, is, of course, a medical library.

But if doctors used Google... They'd probably have a lot more of a sense of what someone suffering with the illness in question actually experiences as opposed to what the papers rather inadequately describe. Maybe it wouldn't contribute much more than a more human touch and deeper level of compassion... Maybe it wouldn't contribute anything technically to the treatment... But let me tell you, compassion goes a long way.

That being said, I've seen plenty of doctors look stuff up... They don't use Google, of course. They're not librarians. It would be way too time consuming to find information that's questionable. It's actually pretty funny that the show couldn't fake a medical info database to use instead of Google. Heck, I'm sure some database providers would love the free publicity.

And yeah, totally agree with JJR. Get not thy knickers in a knot over a TV show, fellow librarians. There are a lot more important things out there.