The Hollywood Librarian's financial predicament

Lynne writes: "Greetings to all librarians. I am Lynne Martin Erickson. I have been the fiscal agent for The Hollywood Librarian documentary film since 2004. I post this in the hope that librarians will respond immediately and repost widely.

As many of you know, this wonderful film is the result of the tireless efforts of one person: Ann Seidl. She single-handedly raised $200,000 to make and distribute this movie, worked on it for over 8 years and she is still working to get it seen by as many members of our public as possible. She is traveling throughout the US and the world to promote the film. Thanks to the librarian network, the film is being seen in dozens of locations by hundreds and even thousands of people.

While Ann has devoted her full-time work to this cause, she has been paid very little. She insists she is not in it for the money. I can guarantee that is the case. She wouldn't say this to you, but I can assure you that Ann is broke.

During the Banned Book Week release, when tickets sold for $8, we took in about $10,000, but less than $400 was profit. These days, she is asking for a small fee to screen the film but that money is to fund the editing and authoring process for the DVD which she wants to make available this fall. But she must have some financial support to go on working on the film. We can't let her stop working on the film to take other employment when she is so close to finishing.

If you are a fan of The Hollywood Librarian or of Ann, I am asking you to send her your financial encouragement.

Go here now and click on the Paypal link."


Does anyone know - is this the same Lynne Martin Erickson who does the BiFolkal Kits? If so, I didn't realize she was the fiscal agent for this film!

-Talking Books Librarian

Same Lynne who does Bi-Folkal. None of us small independent library vendors are 'in it for the money'; we love the work we do and we'd like to continue doing it. Libraries take note.

Lynne has been my neighbor at the past two PLAs (Boston and Minneapolis), and her kits provide a great activity for seniors. In addition to dedicating herself to her own fine company, she's helping out her friend Ann Seidl by building support for the Hollywood Librarian.

Thanks for the quick response. You are correct about the BiFolkal Kits being a great activity for older adults. We have them as part of our recreational therapy/special needs collection here, and anyone can check them out via interlibrary loan from us (Southeast Kansas Library System - They're a great resource for librarians and also for activity directors.

-Jaime/Talking Books Librarian