LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #19

This week's episode brings a conversation with John C. Dvorak, a Vice President at "new media" company Mevio. The discussion revolved around technology and how it might impact libraries. An announcement was also made at the end of the program relative to a possible meeting.

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The Contact Form referenced at the end of the program

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I really love these podcasts. It brings in tech experts and talks about how that tech impacts the consumer and businesses. It brings things down to earth and puts everything in real tangible terms. It is a very balanced approach to the changing library world. Thank you for providing it.

Seriously, that was fantastic. Thanks for a great interview.

For those who cannot hear.

Due to the podcast effectively having no budget we do not normally have transcripts. As interviews are live events we do not have a transcript prepared. For me to get a transcriptionist in to do such would cost around USD$80-90 per hour with a minimum of a 2-3 hour call-out. That is certainly not economical considering our non-existent operating budget.

Now, anything that is prepared can be posted. Any "Tech for Techies" segments as well as commentaries and other such things have source texts that can be posted. Such would be "check against delivery" as presenters do have a tendency to ad lib at times on the podcast. We have a bloopers archive that shows how far I can veer off script at times.

For writing the scripts right now we are experimenting with the use of celtx which can be found at Such has LaTeX embedded inside it. So far it makes it easy enough to copy-paste text for posting if I am so inclined.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen