Odile Isralson, founder and executive producer of <A HREF="http://www.titlepage.tv">Titlepage</A>, stopped by to tell the LISNews community about their online book review program. The website for Titlepage describes the program as being: <BLOCKQUOTE>Great stories have the ability of bringing a level of excitement and pleasure matched by little else. Who hasn't gotten so engrossed in a book, they couldn't put it down? The thrill of living someone else's life; of embarking on an adventure one will never experience; of discovering ideas or concepts one could never dream up - all those are feelings that transcend cultures and borders. At Titlepage we feel we don't hear enough from the people who write the greatest stories of our time. So, we've created this virtual soapbox; a 21st century version of the Algonquin Round Table.</BLOCKQUOTE> The video production is run with <A HREF="http://www.viddler.com">Viddler</A> on the back-end. Titlepage is available as a <A HREF="http://www.itunes.com/podcast?id=275700127">video podcast</A> just as LISTen is available <A HREF="http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=270165304">as a podcast</A>. Details about the production team are also available <A HREF="http://titlepage.tv/about">at their site</A>.