Electronic Records May Have Survived Twin Towers’ Collapse


More from the Los Angeles Times’ look at the records management implications of Tuesday’s attack:

The destroyed World Trade Center was the repository of countless reams of financial information on companies and individuals. But disaster-recovery experts said Tuesday that most of the largest financial services firms routinely back up data and store it in remote locations, ensuring that the bulk survived the attack . . .

Most firms back up their data on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Virtually all financial firms, at a minimum, back up the most critical information about who owns what, said Mary Moster, spokeswoman for disaster-recovery firm Comdisco Inc.

John Jackson, a Comdisco executive in charge of data backup, said most banking and brokerage customers shouldn\'t be concerned about information loss. The largest companies are the most likely to have the most sophisticated backup, and their customers will suffer from the least confusion. Worldwide, 80 of Comdisco\'s 3,000 clients have instant backup, and \"they tend to be the larger financial services companies,\" Moster said.

More. The Chicago Tribune is also running a related article.

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