Free business book is Web sensation


The Oprah touch doesn't just work for traditional books. More than 1 million copies of Suze Orman's "Women & Money" were downloaded after the announcement last week on Winfrey's television show that the e-book edition would be available for free on her Web site,, for a period of 33 hours.

"I believe `Women & Money' is the most important book I've ever written," Orman said in a statement released Saturday by Winfrey. "So this was not about getting people to buy the book, but getting them to read it, and that was the intention behind this offer."

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You can see a graph of the sales rank of Orman's book sales on Amazon here. It is very clear on the graph when the book was mentioned on Oprah and the free downloads were announced.

With a million downloads of the Orman book I assume that someone at LISNEWS was able to download the book. Can you give us a report about it? Any DRM on the file? Is the file a PDF or something else? Can you print it out? Comments about the download procedure? Are you going to read the downloaded file? Additional comments?