Anti-Gay Teen Writer, Orson Scott Card, Wins YALSA's Edwards Award

Teen author, Orson Scott Card, is the topic of much discussion as the Edwards honor bestowed by the ALA’s YALSA has brought to general attention Card’s views against tolerance for homosexuals.
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I thought library development and library principles sort of made room for ALL points of view. Are you saying he should be shunned because he holds an opinion you disagree with? Loose his reward?

Christine Whittington
[email protected]

....unless we disagree with the personal viewpoints and ideas of the writer. Then, of course, it's OK!

That's what the criticism of Orson Scott Card seems to suggest.

I have read many of his works, and they didn't strike me as being anti-gay. I have many gay friends, and would have been turned off if gays were treated with disrespect, but I saw none of that. If in his life as a Morman, he has expressed anti-gay sentiments, I haven't heard it, though it may be possible, but as a writer, his works are thought-provoking and well-developed, and so deserves the award for the quality of his works.

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