Thinking about going to law school?

Check out a new documentary about the life and times of 1Ls. <a href=" ">This link</a> will take you to a Law Librarian Blog post that includes information about the film and trailers. <blockquote>[T]he film captures both the stress and emotion, both inside the classroom and out, as [eight students] try to juggle family and relationships with school commitments. These students, including a single mother looking for a fresh start, a husband and father of four, and a military wife trying to raise six children, compete with competitive and highly successful peers for grades and jobs that will determine their future. </blockquote>


Don't... it only qualifies you to practice law. You could be a law librarian if you then get another professional degree.

Trust me, dentsitry is where it is at. I made the mistake and didn't go to Northwestern.

Chicagoland co-eds, Milwaukee weekends on Water Street and the rest of my life looking at each tooth at a ninety-four dollar problem.

IIAL, but I don't do that for a living because it makes me feel dirty, I'd sooner be a pimp, you meet a nicer group of people.

(IAAL in only 1 state in the US and my school was not in the US) This is not legal advice, if it were it would probably be wrong. If you want legal advice hire competent counsel, not someone who can simply pass a test. )