Why no male librarian stereotypes?

I thought the ALA coerced for diversity?

All I ever hear is how librarians are frumpy and bun-haired. And I'm tired of all the sex discrimination. What about male librarians? Where are the American Library Association's recommendations for diversity when it comes to us? I don't mean in jobs because we get promoted more often and get better pay (hell, we're men!). I mean our image. Where is the image of the male librarian in popular culture? Why all the women stereotypes?

What is the look of the male librarian stereotype?
Is he hobbitish? Homerish? Perpetually confused and embarrassed by his career choice? Freshly tattooed and paroled from a federal prison? Bruce Wayne, Luke Skywalker or Clark Kent, but without the sex-appeal?

I'm a little pissed because I just saw the Librarian Dress-up game online, and I don't see a dude, I see that stereotypical librarian woman; huge boobs, tiny waist, smoochable lips... but no guy, anywhere.

So I had to use all of my non-talent to create the Male Librarian dress-up game. Yes, it's ugly, and a nine year-old could do better. (And sometimes the images don't move, but hit refresh and maybe they will.) But hell, all I had was Paint and Notepad and the script I stole from the original page, so screw you. Why don't you do better.

If anyone has the talent, please include these items for the male librarian:
lightsaber, Burt Reynolds' "Bandit" mustache, cowboy hat, yo-yo, assorted ties, Walther PPK, tuxedo, Terminator sunglasses, katana sword, Samual L. Jackson "Pulp Fiction" hair, Homer body, "The Man with No Name" poncho, Alex "a clockwork orange" bowler hat and cane, Ash "Evil Dead" chainsaw arm, vampire teeth, Deliverance banjo, etc.

Get out there and find that nine year-old and put his ass to work.

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The male librarian stereotype is that we're middle-aged women.

Richard Benjamin as Neil Klugman in the movie Goodbye Columbus, and Tom Conti as Norman in The Norman Conquests, the 3 part play by Alan Ackbourne on TV in the late 70s. Here's a review: http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/users/staffba3/normanco.html
The Norman Conquests just finished a run at the Milwaukee Rep Theater.

There's always Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is old-fashioned, hates computers and was in a rock band before he became a librarian.

gay, nerdy and oh yeah gay. :-)

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

Is the ALA Attorney a male? If so, he may be sympethetic with the Plaintiff and thus the ALA is not getting the representation they need and or deserve in this case. The Attorney should be fired.