LISten- The LISNews Podcast: Episode #6

The last episode of the trial season has arrived! Murphy's Law had somewhat held back production which results in the later than normal posting. [Updated at 1133 PST by StephenK: I almost forgot to mention there is a special guest appearing in this episode. There is no blog post related to that appearance. To learn who the special guest is you have to listen] Links to items referred to in the episode LISNews: The LISNews 10 Blogs To Read In 2008 LISNews: 10 Non-Librarian Blogs To Read? LISNews: Making This List Gives Me Stress LISNews: Facebook Asked to Remove "Scrabulous" Annoyed Librarian: Failure to Report Stephen's Lighthouse: It's Not Very Old LISNews: Steve Jobs: People don't read anymore. engadget: Sprint announces massive layoffs, store closings amid subscriber defection To subscribe in iTunes to receive episodes as they are released and our back catalog, click here. Adding a review there would be very helpful. Completing the The LISTen Trial Season Review Survey helps too. To donate money to support LISTen, click the button below:
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