Have You Been LISTening? How Do We Sound?


Hopefully by now you've at least noticed we've been running an experimental podcast @LISNews. Done each week by LISNewster StephenK, and named by LISNewster Christina Seeger, LISTen, the LISNews podcast covers what you've read @LISNews, and some things you may not have. Stephen summarizes trends on LISNews, stories you may have missed elsewhere, and whatever else has been suggested by LISNews readers. If you haven't had a LISTen yet, check out This Week's Episode or maybe the New Year's Eve Special.

We're trying something different here and because this was only designed to be an experiment we're now looking for reasons to keep it going. We need to hear from you.

If you're not listening, why not?
If you are listening, what do you like? What don't you like?

Drop an email to [email protected], hit the Form or leave a comment below.

Don't make me beg!


I haven't been listening. Between LisNews RSS and a healthy round of library blogs, I usually feel like I've caught about as much as my brain can handle. A summary isn't particularly useful to me-- I prefer to listen to new-to-me information when looking for podcasts.

What topics of new-to-me information would be most useful to you? What would you like covered?
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

I've been listening, though like Hedgie said, I'm not finding the summaries alone to be all that helpful. Content different than on the website, discussiones, etc would make it more interesting.

I also just wanted to mention that I had a bad confused moment when one of the episodes used the same music that the Savage Love podcast uses.

Which episode of LISten was confusing? We've deliberately changed the music first to see if there would be any reaction and second because we have not settled what sounds best to listeners. After the trial season I think we are either going to go with opening sketches or with dedicated theme music.

Episode 4's intro music was originally recorded here in Las Vegas. All of the parts were performed by Mike Kellat. He also did his own recording and editing together of the music itself. The rest came later that day as we started prepping for the episode's recording session that would come the next day.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

The music after the intro of the year end episode.

Ah. That was a commonly used jingle from the GarageBand library.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

Yes, I have been listening. I tend to agree that a slightly more in depth discussion, perhaps of the week's top one or two stories, would help to provide focus to the show. The number of topics covered and the speed at which they are introduced makes it challenging to follow and leaves me feeling a little scattered. I also subscribe to "LibVibe" (weekly news report on library events) and "Uncontrolled Vocabulary" (weekly call-in discussion show of library related topics), which leads me to ponder what the "niche" could be for LISten to distinguish it from these predecessors ... haven't come up with a good suggestion yet.

No, I have not been listening. In general, I find it takes longer to listen to news stories than to read them.

-Talking Books Librarian