Edmund Hillary passes

Edmund Hillary, the first man atop Everest, author, activist, and human being has
passed away. While he's not known for his book I share this article because I knew him as the man that conquered Everest, not all that he did to help out the people of Nepal. It's always amazes me that someone can be known for one thing all of their life, but you find they are so much more.


View from the Summit: The Remarkable Memoir by the First Person to Conquer Everest

Sir Edmund Hillary: An Extraordinary Life

High Adventure: The True Story of the First Ascent of Everest

Wikipedia article:

From the Wikpedia article there was this: In 1985, he (Sir Edmund Hillary) accompanied Neil Armstrong in a small twin-engined ski plane over the Arctic Ocean and landed at the North Pole. He thus became the first man to stand at both poles and on the summit of Everest.