Sonora's public library closing book on feral cat flap

A librarian's duties include a lot more than he or she picks up in library this case, librarians have been forced to do the work of animal control officers.

An anonymous letter to county officials in Sonora, CA charged that a colony of about 20 cats was being allowed to inhabit the library property, and even accused a library employee of founding and fostering the population. Tuolumne County Library Director Connie Corcoran denies that a feral cat population now exists as the letter describes and adds that she wishes the person complaining about the cats had come to her instead of county authorities.


Hi birdie -

I am the unnamed employee in this article. I felt that if this much could happen from one anonymous letter that was filled with the type of fear that has been instilled into American by the Bush Administration about "terrrists", that I didn't want my name in it. Especially since this Anonymous citizen took clips from all my personal websites and sent them to all those county offices, the newspaper, etc..It was unfair to me, and I feel threatened knowing someone is watching me.

I was excited though to see LIS pick this up as I read LIS everyday... :)

What was most upalling about the newspaper article is that the article about Schwarzenegger's State of the State from the night before was a tiny spot at the bottom of the front page, while this 'story' was the entire top of the page. Neglecting the fact that there is no money in CA for libraries (as usual) and so forget the cats...the citizen who complained may not have a library in the future.

I suspect that the Letters to the Editor will be filled with varying opinions of this article and am hesitantly awaiting this afternoon's paper...

Thank you for the work that you and all the workers do for LIS NEWS.

-Anonymous Librarian Assistant I, Sonora, CA

Your acknowledgment of our participation in LISNews is much appreciated - and as far as the media goes, Al Gore had it right in "The Assault on Reason." Best of luck with the budget.

So the cats have no connection with the library yet in the article they say two of the cats have a name. One is named Dewey and the other is named Decimal. And there is absolutely no connection with the library at all.

The connection is that there is a person who works at the library who saw there were feral cats in the area of the library, and found a local group called Sonora Cat Rescue to help trap neuter and release them back to the area they were born. During this person's own time, the two cats are fed daily.

Meanwhile, a fear-ridden, busy body, decided to write an Anonymous letter to all of the County, and the newspaper, blaming this person for ALL the cats around the area and of bringing cats in from everywhere and feeding them at the library. When in fact there are a lot of cats around that are abandoned by apt. tenants nearby. The Anonymous person has been taken seriously and allowed to remain anonymous, while this other person now has untruths associated with her name.

Do you get it now?

I read the article, saw the cat rescue people named the cats Dewey and Decimal (not the library staff) but I am really lost by the connection ALA I in Sonora made to the Bush Administration.
The person who wrote the anonymous letter of complaint is a spinelss coward who is obviously a grandiose prevaricator. Or as we say in my neck of the woods a lying sack of crap. However I am not quite sure that the Bush administration or 'terrists' or has anything to do with a crazy spineless liar sending a letter to the county.

As one who voted for Bush and is moderately pleased with how things are being run, and being more concerned with what I can change locally - I have very little say in National or Statewide affairs I would be rather pleased that the local news was above the fold and the Governor's State of the State below. I can always read the S of S online at the Governor's website, but loony cat complainers are more local newspaper fodder.

That political nonsense notwithstanding. Thank you for caring for the cats. How we treat animals and children is a remarkable reflection of exactly what kind of people we are. If you would be so kind as to contact me (I believe the link above will list my email or URL and my email is that URL with my user name before the at symbol.) I would like to send a small check our your way so that you may give it to the cat rescue organization or another animal caring organization you find deserving.

Good luck with your cats, and crazy cranky lady. Your Director sounds like a nice stable person.

Oh, and Birdie: That headline made me laugh so hard my elbow hurts.

Feral cat flap is just remarkably funny to me.

Honestly, the way the situation is described, I would not be surprised at all to learn that the library employee had an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and was collecting cats irresponsibly.

That is a really weird thing to surmise by the story and my explanation...

Why would homeless cats go to the library? There is certainly no food there. Unless they go there secretly at night to research on a theory that dogs are responsible for birdies' deaths.

What is with people who like complaining about things, but anonymously? If its such a problem, then stand up for what you think should be without the anonymity.