Cookbook Author Sues Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld for Copyright Infringement and Defamation

This battle between the authors has been going on for awhile. Now for the lawsuit. Details can be found in these articles:
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I wouldn't buy either of these books. If you start deceiving your child by convincing them that you are not feeding them a certain food (when you are), it will diminish the level of trust between parent and child.

Vegetables taste good, well mostly, when they're prepared well, and kids can learn to enjoy them. If there are some they dislike, you've got to respect their preferences.

Well, well. I predicted that Missy would sue Seinfeld. It was incredibly smart of Missy to let her book's sales ride off the publicity of Seinfeld's book and then to sue the lying, cheating Ms. Seinfeld. Jerry is such a putz! No class at all! Good for Missy!

Wow, Jessica Seinfeld outright STOLE this poor lady's book. READ THE LAWSUIT on "" website before you take my word. It's so amazing to see all of the stuff that Jessica Seinfeld copied and changed very little from the real book by Missy Lapine. IT IS SHOCKING!!! Jessica Seinfeld is SO BUSTED! Jerry is going to have to pay out the whazoo for this one! Good for Missy!

Just because two books are similar does not mean that one has to infringe the other. If two people write books on how to make a peanut butter sandwich wouldn't they be similar?

In the lawsuit they point out that both books have in the intro a discussion about how the mom was pleading, cajoling, begging the child to eat. The lawsuit was implying that the fact that both books talked about mother begging kids to eat there was infringement. The reason these books are selling is because thousands of kids are picky and all kinds of parents are begging their kids to eat healthy things. How many ways are there to write about begging your kid to eat? If two people write about a similar topic of course the books are going to be similar.

If you read the whole lawsuit they also point out the fact that there are pictures of the food that was prepared in both books. Wow, just like any other cookbook on the planet! Why not mention that Mrs. Seinfeld had her book printed on PAPER just like the other author had her book written on PAPER. Clearly she was copying all her ideas.

I read the lawsuit and am not convinced on the face. Maybe is I looked at both books I would be convinced.

A friend of mine made those. She said that they were the hardest gosh awful things that she had ever tried. The recipe calls for a can of chickpeas to be put into the mix and the chickpeas are not pureed at all - they are added whole. They do not blend out, they end up as hard visible little chunks in the so called cookies.

Anyone who makes, encourages, eats, enjoys or profits from chickpea chocolate chip cookies should spend the rest of their days in one of those Federal prisons where they only let you out of your cell for an hour every day and you spend the rest of the time wondering if you have the fortitude to chew through your wrist veins.

Part of the lawsuit is over Seinfeld's comments about the book and the author that he made on Letterman. You can see those comments here:

After reading the Smoking Gun content in its entirety, I'm not too certain how much merit this case has. As someone pointed out, books on the same subject are likely to have similarities. Additionally, plagiarism- while dishonest- isn't illegal until it copies expression (when it can become copyright infringement). Recipes are not protected by copyright under U.S. law. I haven't looked at the trademarks themselves, but the court document didn't really specify under which laws they were asserting infringement.

I guess everyone who ever wrote a cookbook should be sued as I see the same recipes all the time. And that includes the woman suing Jessica Seinfeld as my grandma's cookbooks has recipes with pureed vegetables in them.

People have been sneaking vegies into their children's food for years. Our family
have always done it, we just didn't write a book. It is nothing unique to either