Shrinking IT

This is something that I'm sure many of us have experienced...IT departments slowly vanishing. Download Squad just posted this
articleon why IT departments are shrinking. I know that where I currently work that we're lacking in our IT department because administration refuses to pay. So sadly people either leave or never take the jobs that need to be filled.


You know, if you visit the Download Squad link.... That Kristin Shoemaker chick mentioned in the bloggers section is me.

I was the IT (and reference) department at my former library post. It really should have been two positions. There is more than enough work, especially where maintaining public computers is involved... Which is why we opted to go with Userful for our public computers. Easy to maintain, secure, and allowed us to offer services we otherwise couldn't have, given my limited time and budget.

Nicholas Carr's book, if I have heard correctly, seems to state that IT departments are unnecessary because of "utility computing providers"... They'll take care of your data so you don't have to. They'll provide applications online, you don't have to install or maintain anything. And I can see his point... It's what we sort of did with our public computers. It doesn't render the IT department completely useless, but it does sort of pare things down. In our case it was necessary.

It does open a whole new set of concerns, though, especially with sensitive data storage.