A new search engine...

Sarah, from LibrarianInBlack, shares this cool search engine that I hadn't seen before. It's called Carrot, and not only is it open source (so you can use it on your library's website), but it clusters results together. What I mean by this is try searching for the term Harry Potter. Over on the side they divide topics up so that you can narrow results by title of books or wands. You also have subheadings so that you can see where the results came from or the sources the engine found it in (such as Ask!, Google, etc.)
Very cool!


Kartoo.com is another search engine that has been around for a few years. It used to have a really neat system of displaying the results as various sized balls, the larger ones the more relevant. In addition, they showed which ones were connected to others because of origin or topic or other reason. If you are not familiar with kartoo.com, try it out!

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