Cites & Insights 8:1 available

Submitted by Walt on Tue, 01/01/2008 - 13:32
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For perhaps the first time, the January issue that begins a new volume of Cites & Insights is available in...January.

Cites & Insights 8:1 (January 2008) is now available for downloading

The 30-page issue (PDF as always, but HTML separates for each essay are also available) includes:

Cites & Insights Books at ( now offers these volumes in paperback form, $29.50 each, with a bonus in each case (and full-color cover photos). The bonus for Volume 7 is Cites on a Plane, the phantom issue from January 2007. For Volume 6, it's a brief preface including "where are they now?" notes on liblogs studied in 2005 and 2006 that have either moved, changed names or apparently gone silent.

Some thoughts after a few weeks working on the PALINET Leadership Network, including my current take on "Who's a leader?"

A full year after the previous coverage of Open Content Alliance and Google Book Search, it's time for some updates, but also a quick retrospective of C&I coverage of these projects.

Does "everybody" actually use Netflix? Have we all become upper middle class? Is there some limit to disposable income--and are some of us disposing of income we don't really have? Some thoughts on ubiquity and reality.

Next month? Maybe back to "normal," whatever that might be--and maybe, just maybe, the academic library companion to Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples.