Can You Comment On This Story?


Apparently LISNews is having some Captcha issues. I changed the Captchas to image, but since I was unable to reproduce the errors with the math Captchas I'd like to Hear From Anyone who can't comment still. What's a Captcha you ask?
Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. A test that is designed to be easy for a human to do, but be difficult to automate. It's that little image down near the comment form.



We'll see what happens.

Captcha's remind me of Hogwarts. Or rather, put me in mind of Hogwarts.


I found that if you write a anonymous comment and then click preview the captcha question changes so you have to re-answer the question before you submit your comment. Maybe this is the problem people are having.

a gesture

I had the same problem with preview-vs.-post, albeit at a different site using the same Capcha mechanism.


this guarantees that this post will have the most comments and be mention in the next podcast.... oooh, let's all do this for our posts... "something's wrong, please comment." see if I fall for your little trap.

The funny thing is that I actually look at the posts to see what they are. How else could I write my script? Something like this would likely not make it into a podcast as it is a site-related issue rather than a meta-news story. I do note that while the episode posts do get plenty of hits themselves they are also thrown out each week from consideration.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

Facts are sacred,
Comment is free;
I can see no poem
In a tree.

Save the easily offended: ban everything.

Testing... 123

I previewed a reply (for a different thread) multiple times and successfully posted. The only problem I had with the Captcha test was mistaking a lower case 'c' for upper case: when I clicked on post comment it said that the page wasn't available, I then clicked on refresh and it said that I had failed the Captcha Test. I kind of felt like a replicant in "Blade Runner" taking the "Voight-Kampff Test":(. Seriously, I don't mind the form, but it is annoying that I can't submit a quick comment reply as "Annonymous Patron" without it saying that name is already being used by a registered user. Maybe I missed some details in the new comments process?

Hi Blake,

For readability, I tend to just use only letters (ALL CAPS) and numbers. I end up with:

Also, if Captcha isn't "Persistent" (i.e. the user only has to do it once), it's probably a bug in the new release and it might make sense to go back to 5.x-3.0.

Now I see: it's persistent once you 'submit' the comment. Hitting 'preview' means you have to do 'captcha' all over again.

Scratch what I said above. Version 5.x-3.0 won't be any help. See:

My math skills were improving.

Okay, people -- close your eyes and don't read the mess below because I'm posting Dirty Words, and not just Carlin's infamous Seven. If you are reading this, it means that I've probably circumvented that namby-pants spambot.


Save the easily offended: ban everything.

(HAR! HAR! I love it when a plan comes together.)

Well, this seemed to work. Happy New Year everyone.

Is this site new? when did it start? The Captcha is hard :( 2nd try