Spell wears off as children ditch books

The end of the Harry Potter saga has seen children ditching books in favour of their PCs, according to a new survey.

JK Rowling's series on the pint-sized wizard took the plaudits for the surge in children's improved literacy, but as his magic starts to wear off, children are becoming less enthusiastic about reading. Results show the next generation of young readers are not as enthralled in the books as children who were brought up on Harry Potter and as a result Scottish children have recently lost confidence in their reading ability.


So, what the purveyors of manufactured consent had promoted as a phenomenon proves to ony have been a flash in the pan. Pity they aren't going to pay any price for it.

And what is that nonsense about losing confidence in one's reading skills? One might as well as speak about losing confidence in one's ability to speak. What a lousily written piece of garbage. The author of that piece should have written about the latest crop of readers not developing the same confidence as their elder siblings. I would still contest the statement, though. Why the hell don't the younger kids just pick up the Potter books and start reading them like the older generation did?

Feh! A pox on that garbage and all simple-minded, aliterate morons.

Save the easily offended: ban everything.