Facebook in business?

From the iLibrarian comes this article on a company that has Facebook Fridays! They are an encouraged to spend an hour of work time updating their Facebook profile, making contacts, and talking to co-workers.

Although this article is referring to a business, the same could apply to libraries. Public Libraries with multiple branches could keep in touch with each other, see whats going on with their co-workers that they might not see more than once a year. Smaller one person libraries can use Facebook to make contacts with the outside library world.

How many libraries I wonder are already doing something like this?


I have set up a Facebook page for Plymouth Libraries UK - Plymouth Libraries - Love your Library? we do!. This has proved a very successful forum for staff, other libraries and customers, who join us and add their comments. We have a link set up to direct traffic to our website for further information on library events and news. Please look for us the next time you sign in.

We also have a presence on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/plymouthlibraries/
sharing our photos with interested parties.

A Facebook friday would be great, but we would have to leave the office to do the work as our local authority filtering blocks access for staff! There are many issues in accessing and security of social networking sites, however when used properly Facebook can be a useful tool for promoting library services.

So come on and join us!

There are groups on Facebook just for librarians - if you decide to try it, check out Don't Mess With Me, I Worked in a Public Library for some hilarious stories!