‘Real Books’ Are Great, Except in Your Luggage

Story in the New York Times.

FOR someone who is both technologically adventurous and an avid reader, this may be the perfect holiday season.

The Kindle e-reader from Amazon weighs less than a hardcover, and you can cuddle with it.

You might never have found yourself thinking, You know, this book doesn’t have enough buttons. Even so, the ability to buy any of tens of thousands of volumes virtually instantly, and to carry hundreds of volumes in your briefcase or carry-on bag, might be enough to attract you, or someone on your gift list, to the newest gadget this time of year: a wireless electronic book.

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Tom Rielly, who ordered a Kindle right after it was introduced last month, said these samples were among his favorite features.

“I downloaded the first chapters of about 25 current books so that I have time to browse them and see if I want to read the whole thing,” said Mr. Rielly, who is director of partnerships with the TED Conferences. “I love the idea that I can try a bunch of books on the plane and then purchase the ones that hook me.”