Amazon Kindle - Will Your Library Buy it for Patrons?

You know in a month some library will publish how their Kindle program is a great success, and all you other libraries suck because you don't have one. So the libraries that purchase and loan to patrons will do what with their privacy policies? Libraries delete patron borrowing records when books are returned and borrowing records are private and often protected by State statutes. And the Kindle libraries will turn those privacy policies over to Amazon. Why don't you just burn down your libraries right now because "freedom to read" and "access to all" mean nothing. If the federal government wanted this kind of access to patron reading habits, we would fight all the way to the Supreme Court, but if a public company wants the same access, we say, "wow. that's really convenient." We need to draw the line somewhere: if you buy this for your library, you suck.

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Until there is a reader that doesn't tie me to a specific store, I'm not buying. Not for me, not for my library.

"No doubt another may also think for me; but it is not therefore desirable that he should do so.." - Thoreau

Just 'cause some humongous company like Amazon releases a device whose whole purpose in life is to serve said humongous company's business model, doesn't mean libraries have to pitch in to shove this down some unwilling consumer's throat.

You'll know when such devices are a success when library users themselves start coming in with them and wanting to access resources. Any purchase of these prior to that point is a mis-allocation of library resources.

We should leave it up to consumers to pick their own "iPod/iPhone" killers.

I'm not the PR department of Amazon. If it catches on and there is a need, then we'll see. But if we went chasing every e-pet rock and e-mood ring we'd be broke and stupid.