On the Clock to Get Her MLS

The Winding Rivers Library System Board on Wednesday gave Tomah, WI librarian Irma Keller a second chance to get her state-required credentials. When hired in April, Keller was required by state law to obtain her master’s degree in library science. She has not done that, although she is to start classes in January.

Her lack of certification means WRLS resource grants totaling $8,300 annually could be withheld from the Tomah Public Library. Keller said she offered to step down as library director but the Tomah library board encouraged her to stay.


there are no qualified MLS librarians out there who already have degrees who might have wanted that job.

Sound reasonable provided she take a 8.3k reduction in salary if the money is held. I don't know her qualifications, but I would change her title to library manager until she receives the proper credential.