Adolescent Aggression No Longer Limited to the School Yard

In September 2006, experts from academic institutions, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations gathered at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, to better understand the varied ways new media technology — blogs, instant messaging, chat rooms, email, text messaging and the Internet —influences youth aggression. The two-day meeting, “Electronic Media and Youth Violence,” was held to review current research and to discuss the implications for youth, parents, school staff, and educational policymakers. Data from the review show although rates of electronic aggression are lower than rates of physical and verbal aggression, these rates seem to be increasing. In 2000, 6 percent of internet users ages 10 to 17 said they had been subjected to online harassment; by 2005, the percentage had risen to 9 percent — an increase of 50 percent. The complete review can found in the December 2007 supplement of the Journal of Adolescent Health. To access a complete copy of the Journal and the supporting issue briefs, which summarize the research and discuss the implications of these findings for youth, parents, school staff, and educational policy makers, please visit .


Interesting. GayGamer recently posted a chat sample recorded from Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming apparatus, that seems to illustrate this.