Library Destroyed in Street Riots North of Paris

As the website has it, "Une bibliothèque incendiée à Villiers-le-Bel" ( Roughly translated by Google (see we read the following:

The library Louis Jouvet, who was standing near 30000 loan documents a year, was one of three facilities near the town. "It was actually the most popular library in the old Villiers-le-Bel," says Isabelle responsible Walet. "She welcomed children and adults every day." The building of 280 m2 is completely destroyed. "With my team, we are bewildered and sad," said Isabelle Walet, "we invest a lot in the relationship with the people and, in one night, this public service has entirely disappeared."

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Ah, those "French youths" at it again.

Nice "air" quotes. They can't be "French" because they're so very brown. Much like our own brown people who are not citizens.

They can't be "French" because they're so very brown.

Well of course they're French! They were shouting "Allahu Akbar! while they were torching the libraries, which is French for Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

Much like our own brown people who are not citizens.

Do you mean to say that we have legal residents of our country, who fulfill the Constitutional requirements of citizenship, yet are denied their rights as citizens? They can't vote? They are denied due process? They can't own property or travel freely? If true, that is utterly shocking!

But, of course, it isn't true. You are speaking of people who sneak across our borders and try to melt into the citizenry with which they have no lawful part. Librarians generally take the view of Democrats, and believe that their personal view of "justice" (there's a French air quote!) should trump the rule of law.

After you are done registering another illegal for a library card, write back to tell me how """racist""" are the Constitutional provisions for citizenship.

You can hardly take "Frank" seriously when he misspelled intifada and doesn't seem to know to what the word refers. Although I would like to see "Frank" try to explain how it is that a child born in "France", of Palestinian/Jordanian/fill in the blank parents, can't possibly be "French". Or why legal "immigrants" should be equated with illegal "immigrants" on the basis of "skin colour".

What do say, "Frank"? Want to give it a shot?

Save the easily offended: ban everything.

Hey, you get the Emily Litella Award, Fang!

It was Chuck who said that

"They can't be "French" because they're so very brown."

I was quoting him (using the wrong italic html code for the new site, I guess), to sarcastically comment on these street mobs' Frenchness being in question not due to racism, but rather due to their allegiances and actions.

And I think it is entirely reasonable to believe that Chuck's follow-up statement,

"Much like our own brown people who are not citizens"

referred to "our" illegal immigrants in the U.S., who Chuck thinks are unwanted due to racism, an idea I sarcastically derided by pointing out the more rational possibility that all actual citizens have the rights of citizenry, while "our" brown non-citizens are here...illegally, and therefore don't.

Although I am pleased, Fang, to note your suddenly acquired interest in correct spelling (a concern that many of your prior posts would have led me to believe was somewhat beyond your ken), I am stunned by the ramifications of your having adopting Chuck's trademarked Straw Man approach while also arguing against Chuck's assertions in the process of misattributing his accusations to me. It's too, too much for my little misspelling mind to adequately savor.

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