Thinking Like A Drupaler

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 11/19/2007 - 13:29
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I feel like I'm finally settling in the Drupal, and my To-Do List is slowly shrinking. So far the amount of work it's taken to convert has been about what I expected, which is way more than any sane person would put into a project like this. Today I made a connection between moving a website and moving a home. We're thinking about buying a new home in the next couple years, and while it will be much more physical work, I don't think it's going to take quite as much time. Just like we are all settled into our current home, I was all settled into Slashcode. I was able to work with, I had it remodeled, put a fresh coat of paint on, and, well, like our current home, it just wasn't right. I was never even close to happy with Slashcode. I thought it would be easy to call home, but it wasn't. Drupal is proving to be a new house that has a hidden room, or two, or three. The surprises have been all positive, and Drupal is proving to be much easier to work with than Slashcode ever was. And it's on one of the LISHost servers, so I'm back in complete control. I was curious to see how the new server would handle the load, and I'm happy to report there are absolutely no issues. Here's my reduced to-do list:

-Highlight some of the many things Drupal/LISNews can do individually.
-Automate the darn email list.
-Find a way to highlight all the RSS feeds on the relevant pages.
-Is there a module to make custom feeds? Like most popular, latest comments, interesting things like that?
-We need more "browse by" pages.
-What about subdomains?
-Change the favicon link
-Bring back old Phpslash homepage, and bring over old Slashcode home page as well.

This list is based on my original to-do list from 3 months ago when I first started to make the move. Somewhere in the back of my head there's a Drupal new and improved list, based on things that are coming up now. I'm happy I got most of the 404 bugs squashed, brought over the .shtml pages and the pages are working, and even the super old article.php3 page is back in place. I think I'll be done with most of the major things by the end of the year, and I can start moving LISNews forward and start thinking like a Drupaler.