Oprah Picks 1989 Cathedral-Building Epic by Ken Follett

America's pop fiction facilitator has perpetrated a weighty tome upon her public. Oprah's newest book club pick is the The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett's 1989 bestseller about the construction of a Gothic cathedral in 12th-century England. The 973-page epic features "a struggle between good and evil [...] turning church against state and brother against brother," as well as "forbidden love affairs, political power plays, looting, plunder and burning villages," according to the Oprah's Book Club site.

Oprah's Book Club: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett provides lots of supplementary material for readers, including family trees, chapter-by-chapter reading questions and quizzes, biographical information on author Ken Follett, an online discussion, and a printable bookmark. There's also an excerpt so your patrons can get started while they wait their turn for a library copy.

NB: The long-awaited sequel to Pillars, World Without End, was published just last month. Get more information on both books from Ken Follett's website.