Instant 2-point-Opinion Generator

Mash-up any of the following terms for your own personal, unique statement about the impact of social networking and 2.0 technologies on the future of the Internet. It's fun and educational, too!


  • transversable
  • interactive
  • persistent
  • empowering
  • relevant
  • synthesized
  • "it"
  • la chose qui fait le chien rire
  • pro-dividual
  • splunge
  • synergistic
  • user-tastic
  • mashed (or smashed)
  • impactivating
  • metalogue

Let's test it to see how it works: "The impact of social networking on the future of the Internet is both pro-dividual and synergistic. Persistent transversable metalogues have smashed traditional communication and given birth to 'it' by impactivating and empowering."

Isn't that fun!

Use this handy tool for your next presentation. Need to nail that next job interview? Memorize three or four of these buzzwords. Hell, write 'em on your wrist in permanent marker. Soon you will be the "go to" gal when news editors need a trendy library spokesperson. Alternate black marker and correction fluid on your fingernails and then cover the white with hot pink highlighter. Spike up your hair and get that eyebrow pierced and you'll be on your way to Hollywood!

Alright, forget it. You're a librarian. Who you gonna fool?

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