What's in your nerd bag?

I have a "nerd bag." It's what I take with me when a friend calls for computer help. I like my nerd bag: it's like a heavy duty travel notebook case, but without the notebook pc.
In it's place are these:

  • 60 gig usb drive loaded with crap
  • external dvd/cd burner
  • anti-static wristband
  • RAM (why do I have so much RAM?)
  • assorted cables
  • PC screwdriver tool kit
  • usb thumb drive
  • holy water (sorry, that belongs in my "vampire apocalypse" bag, but it has been known to cure the Windows BSoD - you just empty it onto the MB and buy a new PC; but mostly it's good for slaying the undead and other vile creatures)

All I need is a can of compressed air, and I'd be ready for any pc emergency. Except then my nerd status would be certified; so in place of compressed air, I'll carry a flask of Jim Beam. I'll just get one out of my "date with Lindsay Lohan" bag. Hey, there's holy water in there, too!

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