This Week in LibraryBlogLand (November 5, 2007)


This Week in LibraryBlogLand
week ending November 4, 2007
(Alas, Numfar has danced his last dance)

Ryan Deschamps (The Other Librarian) asks, Will universal accessibility at libraries even be possible in 10 years? Anthony Grafton (New Yorker) on digitization and reading. Comments from Steve (Intermittent Thinking) and David Rothman (TeleRead). Jeff Scott (Gather No Dust) has some thoughts about print versus e-books.

John Miedema ( has a four-part series about audiobooks.

(Note: all these links are in Spanish.) Madrid mother told to leave library storytime when she started breastfeeding her two-month-old. When she complained, she was told that her rights did not trump the rights of others, "just as it is not appropriate to breastfeed at the movies or in the theater where, besides, the actors could feel aggrieved by such lack of respect." Discussion at the IWETEL mailing list starting on October 30. (via Mixobitácora).

Phyllis (Something New Every Day) read that 10% fewer people report using a library web site in 2007 compared to 2005.

Michael J. McGrorty (Publib) writes about the librarian blogs he doesn't read.

Ryan Deschamps (The Other Librarian) wonders about the ethics of conference attendance in a networked world.


Alyson (Chapter Two) was one of 50 people (150 more were turned away) who watched the Australian TV show The Librarians at the ABC library.


Paul Waelchli (Research Quest) is posting and discussing his presentation, "Educational Games: Games that teach, not Preach".

Promise for the future, or legacy of the past? : cataloguing in a changing world (September 7)
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Internet Librarian 2007 (October 29-31)
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