Acc. to ALA: Johnny Damon STILL a RED!

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It has been over year since the ad-hoc group, "Librarians for Yankees Rights", petitioned, threatened, cajoled, and pilloried the ALA mini-wigs about showing preference to the REDS in baseball.

The ALA STILL has pictures of the great Yankee batter, Johnny Damon, in a Boston Red Sox uniform, flashing on their website along with other posters of role models who urge reading.

I guess they want to be just as behind the times in Sports and Culture
as they are in politics :)


I'm a Yankee fan, do or die. I am thoroughly put off by the current nickname for the Red Sox..."the new Yankees". Ugh.

I'm a librarian, and a Johnny Damon fan. I wrote Johnny earlier this year, and he took the time to sign a baseball for me and even wrote back.