Your DHS file.....

Submitted by mdoneil on Fri, 09/28/2007 - 04:44

I worked with a great guy when I worked at a local hospital and his brother was a professor of Creating Writing (and a mighty good author - 'my' library bought all his books) at FIU.
I was looking at John Dufresne's blog this evening and found an interesting tidbit about requesting one's own DHS file. I think I'll just do that. You may want to as well.
I wonder what it will show -since I am a religious (R.C) single, single, bearded, frequent traveller (12-15/yr plus 2 or 3 international), that goes to countries known for bombings (Northern Ireland) and to countries from which many people illegally enter the US (Mexico and Canada).
I wonder if they can find the hat I left on a Delta flight in 1992?